Essentially we provide two forms of recording:

Multi-Track Recording

This requires each instrument to be played and recorded separately. A programmed metronome or "click track" is used with the addition of a "pilot track" as a guide if necessary. This enables a song to be recorded in multiple pieces or "takes".
Usually the drums are recorded first, followed by the bass, the guitars and finally the vocals . However, this order of succession is not absolutely essential.

Live Recording

This variant involves the whole band playing simultaneously during recording, either with or without a "click". Although each instrument is essentially being recorded separately, one always has a certain amount of signa l from other instruments "bleeding" into each of the corresponding tracks. The songs must also be played in one take as inaudible splicing of the tracks is not possible with this recording technique.


Whichever option the band chooses or is recommended to them, depends greatly on the requirements and expectations surrounding the release. We generally meet with the bands before recording begins to discuss their expectations, what is possible and what not, and to give any necessary advise. We may also intensify collaborations with a band by visiting rehearsals prior to recording, so that we can better understand the clients needs and optimize the results we set out to achieve.