Bands from outside of Switzerland: Please contact us for prices in EUR, we'll offer you fair and affordable prices!

The following prices should serve only as a guide, this being due to the requirements, time and effort involved in each production varying greatly. For this reason it is crucial that all the finer details are discussed prior to recording and mixing.
If you are interested in having us work with you, please write us an email in advance so that we can discuss all your requirements and wishes in detail.

Recording: 390.- per day

Although one working day is comprised of 8 hours, you will not be charged for every minute of overtime. This way we ensure the recording session remains flexible and that no unnecessary time pressure is imposed.
All available equipment in the studio can be used at your discretion. A technician who will manage and conduct the recordings is also included within your hourly rate.
If you so wish to take your recordings away raw and unproduced, we will export them (as single tracks and/or entire songs) at the end of a session for you.

Mixing: 35.- per hour

During the mixing of larger projects we will not charge you for every hour on the clock, especially if we will be handling the entire production.

Mastering: 160.-

The price for mastering a project is charged as a fix rate of 5 hours of invested time . If more time is required to achieve the necessary results , the price will rise at a rate of 32.- per hour.

Manufacture of sound recording mediums: Upon request

If you wish to have your mediums manufactured through us please get in touch for a quote.

Since particular requirements regarding setup (type of medium, layout, booklet, etc.) always vary greatly, it is important that we look at each order separately and take each of your needs into account individually.
Again basically everything one can imagine is achievable.

If you require assistance or have any queries regarding the manufacture of the mediums do not hesitate to ask, we will be happy to help.

Data archiving: 18.- per year

The service has to be paid annually in advance. By ending of a subscription period, the subscription won't be prolonged automatically unless you choose to subscribe for an additional period.