Mixing & Mastering: Esyarcha 'Royal Hunt for the Sun'

We have finished mixing & mastering Esyarcha's first work 'Royal Hunt for the Sun'. The debut will find its way to the pressing plant soon where the three varied tracks will be captured on tape for now.

Mixing & Mastering: Antiversum 'Cosmos Comedenti'

We have finished mixing & mastering the black unshaped colossus of Antiversum!

Once again, NKS has created an auditory incarnation of the disturbing energies of the deepest black with much heart blood & skill.

The monstrous attack on the mind of the audience will be unleashed by Invictus Productions on 29 September 2017!

Recording & Mastering: DSKNT, Tribes Of Caïn, Wacht

The last two weeks were a bit hectic, but the more productive:

- The third and final ritual for DSKNT's upcoming album 'PhPSHR.Entropy' is history, the remaining virgin songs have been spiked successfully with bestial vocals.

- Tribes Of Caïn have given everything during three concluding sessions. They sweated blood and amended their bastion, which is dedicated to the fire, with acoustic guitars, icelandic chants and very felicitous bass lines.
The record will be mixed in the next few weeks by Soundfarm.

- The seven songs on Wachts 'Korona' were carved in stone by a mastering, the monster is now on the way to the stamping. A sample will follow soon.


Recording: DSKNT 'PhPSHR.Entropy'

The lead singer of Antiversum, who will be the voice of the upcoming DSKNT work, already got over with two of three planned odysseys through monotonous and oppressive sounding worlds and portals...more or less unscathed.
The final ritual will take place on June 1 in our crypt.

Recording: Tribes Of Caïn 'Essence Of Fire'

Again, Tribes of Caïn have held another meeting in our crypt for two evenings.
Thereby some strange lead melodies were evoked from the shallows of dark spheres, which complement the songs perfectly.
Woj also finished his spoken ceremonies, which were now recorded.
Thus the coming album is lacking only the bass tracks as well as some acoustic guitarsparts to its perfection...

Recording: Tribes Of Caïn

Three more mystical and intense steps of the ritual were performed during the last two weekends in our crypt!
The second rhythm guitar (including doublings), a part of the vocals, as well as some impressive cello passages -  played by a master of his subject - were captured on tape.
Further sessions are planned for April, May and June...may they be just as uncompromising and exhausting as the already accomplished ones, so that this plant, dedicated to the fire, grows and thrives!